When I first started with Lanai and Strategic Business Success, I was running my business like a hobby.

It has only been 6 weeks and Lanai has helped me turn my hobby into a business.
Through consistent systematic discussions we have designed and implemented strategies that have pointed me in the right direction.

Lanai has assisted me with putting together individual personal training customer packs, promotional material and invaluable marketing strategies to help me promote my business.

I have found Lanai to be extremely helpful.

Lanai is very easy to get along with, especially when it comes to opening up about the inner workings of your business.

Lanai keeps me honest about how I spend my time: I complete daily routines, checklists and even report on how I’m feeling, I also express how I’ve benefited, grown personally and improved in business development.

It’s not all about money spent either, as not everyone has a big budget to play with. We have implemented plans that are cost effective but are also extremely beneficial for the everyday running of the business and future promotions.

Lanai has proven herself to be hard working, focused and determined to see it through.
I am confident in recommending Lanai and Strategic Business Success to anyone seeking business development strategies and wishing their business to go that extra further mile!


Geoffrey Murison.
You'll Never Walk Alone Personal Training


I have recently completed the business diagnostic and I must admit that I was hesitant and a little unsure to begin with. Once I started completing the business diagnostic I became aware of so many areas that could be improved upon within my business, also amazing clarity and realisations came out of doing this exercise.

The whole process gave me even more confidence in my vision, and as a result I have engaged Lanai to help me achieve my business goals. I am now excited about the strategies and solutions we have implemented and am looking forward to my business future with confidence.

I would recommend the Business Diagnostic Tool to any business owner who is serious about improving the profitability of their business.

Nicole De Loncrais

Skin therapist


"Just a quick note of thanks for all your assistance to our company BENDTECH INDUSTRIES......

In 1996/97 we started the business

Around 1997/98 we purchased your efficient business planning books

We completed the review and gap analysis in 1999 based on the checklists

Implemented our business bible with extensive assistance from your Practical business guides in 2000/01

Get all our staff to read your positive business monthly newsletter (they love the time out for reflection section)

Use your advice/wisdom etc



On behalf of my brothers George, Jack and I, we thank you and the Positive Business Team for our success. Today, and into the future....

Keep up the good work"

Jim Petrakis

"Thank you for your help with my questions regarding the Sell More Program. I purchased this program from Business Publications Australia Pty Ltd in June 2005 and was absolutely thrilled when it arrived.

So far I have personally viewed 4 modules and can see that the investment is going to be easily recovered. The content is excellent and presented in a professional manner. I am going to be rolling out the Sell More Program in over 30 branches across Australia and am very excited personally about presenting the program to our staff and I am excited for the staff to learn and grow from this program. By just implementing a few simple strategies that are suggested, I can see our sales increase collectively and more importantly our profitability.

The Sell More Program will not only help me with my personal goals to develop our staff but that of the company goals in regards to increased sales and profitability.

Once again thank you."

Kind Regards

Damien Purcell
(Training Coordinator)
C N W Pty Ltd

"Earthlink Inc runs a Not for Profit and contractual business, providing employment options for people with disabilities. Therefore our service is quite specific. Developing strong business and marketing strategies is also important for the sustainability of the organisation, as we employ up to 45 people annually, and are not funded via any Government Funders for wages or wage related expenses.

In February 2005 Earthlink entered into a contract with Mr Fred Steensma to provide business advisory and consultation services for two of our senior managers. (Shirley Cressy General Manager and Maurice Picard Operational Manager)

Fred has adapted to our time frames, provided invaluable sources of material and information, is working with individuals and in group settings where appropriate to our requirement, and is very competent in his business and financial area of expertise.

We are now working towards implementing a number of identified strategic marketing and better business concepts that Fred has brought to our awareness and both Maurice Picard and I would recommend Fred's services without hesitation."

Shirley Cressy General Manager

We would just like to let you know the impact that BBG Business Systems has had on our business.

Before we started with BBG our business was rather challenging and we were working 6 days a week. It seemed that our staff was getting the best deal; they were paid more and only worked 5 days a week.

After 10 months of making the ‘Small Changes’ in our business we have seen a positive financial swing of $24,790 per month, that is a huge increase for a small business which has resulted in us being more relaxed in our business.

We now only work 5 days a week and our business has substantially increased in value.

We would like to thank you and BBG Business Systems for your assistance. We have truly had a tremendous return on our investment.

Russell & Jocelyn Connon


296 Jackson Street


"I just wanted to say how amazed we are at the success of our website. It is one thing to gets hits on the site but another to get people to respond further.

We have been asked to provide a very large amount of quotations and we believe that the USP that we have placed on our website is responsible for this amazing response.

We are now looking forward to working with you to improve other profit centres in our business."

Yours truly,

Robert Rowell
The Glass Shoppe Ltd
Lower Hutt.

"In the first 6 months that we have been working with Better Business Concepts our business has increased by 41%, this has been a significant improvement over the previous 2 years when we did not have any growth at all.

Fred is very easy to work with and is passionate about our business success. Fred has gone beyond what he has agreed to do and I am now looking forward to a great business future thanks to Fred of Better Business Concepts."

Andrew Colson
Installer Services
Lower Hutt.

"I would just like to say that we are very impressed with the results that we have obtained after 8 weeks of working with Better Business Concepts.

We have increased our average sale value by an incredible 286% plus we have increased our customer base by 41%. These increases mean that we have grown our revenue by a very impressive 544%!!

We are looking forward to even greater results in the future."

Mandy Greyvenstein
Beauty Worx

Dear Fred

This is a short note to let you know the huge impact that the Better Business Group has had on our business over the last 6 months.

When we first started the program I was a little skeptical whether we could get a return on our investment with your organization. I am pleased to say that I am no longer skeptical and that we have had a tremendous return on our investment.

Our revenue has increased by 93% within 5 months and the impact on my lifestyle has been amazing.

Like so many small business owners I found myself working harder than my staff, being paid less than my staff, I haven’t been able to take holidays and I could not afford to have sick leave. I did not have a lifestyle.

That has all changed. I now pay myself a reasonable wage, I am able to spend time with my children during the school break, and I am going to have our first family holiday in years this Christmas.

I am now looking forward to even greater things with my business.

I have no hesitation in recommending your organization, the Better Business Group, to other business owners.

Thank you once again,

Tracy Lynch
Slimtone Beauty Therapy
Kapiti Coast

Dear Fred

Just a note the thank you for your help with our business over the last 15 months.

Working with you has helped us introduce new systems for our business, customer care/customer data base/staff incentives/profit building and much more. The coaching and ongoing support has been fantastic and I look forward to our regular meeting each month.

The Better Business Group has equipped us with tools to move our business to the next level and we are looking forward to the challenge.


Eoin Stuart
North City Motors

I just wanted to report on the success of the first marketing initiative that we undertook with your guidance

We distributed 5000 vouchers in the area of our café, the results were excellent. 1500 (30%) of the vouchers were redeemed which resulted in immediate revenue of $9,000.00.

The real exciting part is that our café turnover increased by an average of $2000.00 per week. Taking these figures over a 12 month period, this campaign has resulted in a massive $133,000 of additional revenue for an investment of $800.00.

Matt Thomas

Crumbs The Bakers Ltd


I just wanted to say how our business has changed for the better since we have been working together.

After we have gone through the ‘You’ section of the BMS I have found myself more relaxed, less stressed and we have more money in our bank account than ever before.

I can’t quite figure out the exact reasons why, but since working with the BBG Business Systems and just implementing small changes have collectively made massive results.

Thank you once again and I will look forward to the next stage.

Robert Rowell

Glass Shoppe

Lower Hutt

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